About us.

Who we are.

Elaghmore is a firm of industrialists, business advisers and investors. From our £60m fund, we buy businesses in the UK that show real promise.

What we do

We buy companies from entrepreneurs, founders and family owners. We are supportive shareholders to the company’s managers, helping them to drive organic growth.

Typically, we aim to double a company’s revenues within the first 3-to-5 years.

What we look for

We seek companies with the following attributes:


A talented and ambitious management team


Clear differentiation


Significant growth potential that could be realised by a supportive owner with operational skills and deep international network.


Operating in fragmented markets, with the opportunity to make bolt-on acquisitions.

Above all, we seek people who share our values of integrity, respect, hard-work and openness.

Our track record

Elaghmore began life in 2004 as a partnership between David Manning and Andy Ducker. Over the course of 16 years, the pair completed 14 investments and made a 14x return on invested capital. Since 2016, Elaghmore has been investing from its first fund of £60m. 


First investment: Dane Group, a leading producer of pigments for fluorescent paints


Dane Group successfully sold; 
New investment: Ely Chemicals, maker of non-destructive testing products, and a further chemicals group, Capricorn.


New investment: bedding company Dunlopillo, returning it to strong growth.


Ely Chemicals is successfully sold.


Dunlopillo successfully sold.
New investment: food products group, Phoenix Foods.


New investment: food packaging group St Neots.
New investment: leading bespoke schoolwear business, Trutex.


New investment: Chaucer Foods, the global freeze-dried fruit specialist.


Phoenix Foods successfully sold to a trade acquirer.


New investment: pork supplier Karro Foods.
New investment: automotive cleaning business, B&B Blending. 
Successful sale of Capricorn.


St Neots successfully restructuring and sold.


New investment: timber manufacturing business Charpentes Francaises.


Chaucer Foods successfully sold to Japanese Freeze-dried food group, Nagatanien.
Elaghmore 1 Fund


Elaghmore successfully closes the Elaghmore 1 Fund at £60 million, attracting investors from the US and Europe supported by investment from the Elaghmore Partners.


First investments from ‘Elaghmore 1 Fund’: Wisbech based manufacturer of bespoke components for commercial vehicles, SB Components www.sb-components.com and Kesslers International Limited www.kesslers.com who provide world-class merchandising solutions.


New investment: Priden Engineering Limited, one of the UK’s leading engineering companies www.priden.co.uk
New investment: McPhee Mixers who design, manufacture and supply mixers from its headquarters in Blantyre, Glasgow www.mcpheemixers.co.uk


New investment: Alucraft Group
www.alucraftgroup.com/alucraft/ Ireland’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of architectural glazing systems with offices and manufacturing facilities in Dublin and Tamworth, UK.


New investment: Gardners, www.gardners.co.uk one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of large format visual displays for world-famous brands and leading UK retailers.


New investment: English Architectural Glazing Limited (EAG), www.eag.uk.com one of the UK’s leading construction contracting businesses.


Launch of Hexcite Group to create a world-leading provider of bespoke immersive experiences for brands and retailers.The group brings together three Elaghmore acquisitions – Gardners, Kesslers and SFD.


Elaghmore has acquired one of the UK’s leading signage businesses, Blaze Signs Holdings Ltd (“Blaze”).  

Blaze Signs will join Kesslers and Gardners as part of the Elaghmore-owned Hexcite Group.


Elaghmore acquires Orchard House Foods Ltd (“Orchard House”), one of the UK’s largest suppliers of prepared fruit, fresh fruit drinks and desserts, from Hain Celestial Group (“Hain”).

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